24 & Counting – LATE POST

So this year I turned 24 years of age. The Big 2 4. I am so close to half way to 30 lol. *takes nervous deep breath***

*nervously rereads above statement, nervous laughter**

So yeah, I am very close to half way to 30. Nothing I thought I would have accomplished have a really accomplished.

The Never Accomplished List

  1. Graduate University
  2. Be married
  3. Find a high salary paying career
  4. Travel outside of North America
  5. Climbed A Mountain
  6. Learned To Swim
  7. Start a successful ministry


Okay so you get the jiff. I had all these goals I expected to achieve before hitting 24 and so far none of those have come to pass.

The road and timeline I had created for myself fell through. The places I hoped to get to, I didn’t quite reach. The battles and hardships I’m facing, I never expected to face.

So here I am 24 and contemplating what exactly am I doing with my life. Seriously, have you ever sat down and wondered “what the freak is going on?”. Well that’s where I am now.

I guess with every age. You sit and you look back on how far you’ve come. And all the accomplishments of the year but some years that’s not how things play out. Sometimes you sit and you realize that your timeline and real life aren’t quiet matching as you expected.

  1. I mean you had one boyfriend for 6 years then found a relationship with God and had to let him go.
  2. Originally you think hey I will go into nursing. Just for the nursing thing never to happen after 3 years of trying. And realizing you were in the right field all along (psychology)
  3. You figured like everyone else you would have your degree by now. And yet.. there is no degree yet.
  4. Everyone else seems to have figured their niche out. And you have just started taking the small baby steps of figuring out what you want in life.
  5. You have not left Canada since you moved.
  6. Your love life has failed to a point of nonexistence that surpasses all understanding.

Okay, so if you have continued reading and have reached this point you are probably wondering where all the hopeful positive stuff comes in……

Well I guess that would be exactly how I am feeling right now. Lol. Where does all the hopeful positive stuff come in??…

That’s what year 23 of my life has taught me. That the positive stuff requires a bit more work to find sometimes, but that doesn’t mean the positive stuff isn’t there. All I’ve had to do was look a bit harder.

  1. I have for sure understood that psychology is my career and am in the process of working towards a masters.
  2. I live on my own and pay all my bills and still manage to eat.
  3. I have great people in my life.
  4. I have found a relationship with God that only seems to improve my life.
  5. I have a great job and great bosses.
  6. I’ve learned about what boundaries are required in my life to make me happy.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is sometimes you have to look at the little things. The things you feel are too small to be of importance or significance, the things that made you happy but they weren’t the big numbers on your time clock.

So for this new year of life, for year 24 I will make it my mission to remember the little things. I hope as you’ve read this blog post you too will make it a mission to remember the little things. The little moments of joy and blessings that have made all the difference. It’s so easy to look into everyone’s “lives” and when I say lives I mean social media pages, and decide that they have so much more then you. That these friends from high school have achieved so much more then you have. But if you really sat back and considered the small things of 2017 or of year 23 or your life. You would come to realize that all those small things add up to great and amazing things to be grateful for.

So for today’s Blog Post Challenge, write down 10 small things that made you happy. After writing down 10 I’m sure you will realize you have a bit more then that, if so write them out too. And don’t forget to REMEMBER THE LITTLE THINGS.




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